How One person impacts one another By:Anastasia Mosier :)

People Who have Impacted on us! :D

Martin Luther King.Jr

Martin Luther King impacted our nation in many ways,Standing up for what he wanted to change.He didn't want people to be racist so he changed that for America.He didn't want his kids to go to school and get made fun of,What would you say if you were a different color and kids made fun of you..My point is he really impacted on America .


Malala is also another great example.She fought for what is most important education.For her religion they cant go to school they half to obey the men of the family.She was not allowed to go to school.She fought for it though,She got shot in the head by the Taliban People and she is just inspiring telling us "We should be grateful for our education take it for granted because like Malala they cant get it.

How you can impact society! c:

Doing good!

Want to be a impacter,then you need to do good things for people don't be selfish,Be positive no negativeness is gonna get you anywhere.Stand up for your beliefs and what you think and help other liek for example Bullying:Stand up to the bully dont just sit there and watch damage be done.Do good , Be good :)