Gender and Identity

Hispanic teen in America today


I’m many different people depending on my surroundings. I’m competitive and always feel like I can do better. In school I have friends some who are fake and a couple real ones .I’m very caring I always want to help people. I believe that I can do better but I have little motivation. I’m also very negative I bring myself down often. I love to feel loved and cared for. I enjoy talking and meeting new people. I enjoy going to church,And have strong beliefs in God. At home I’m crazy, funny and very mean at times. I get very stressed out over little things. I believe I can accomplish great things one day.

In the play twelfth night, the character Olivia Is a women who is wealthy considered to be upper class and treated well by others, She is not only very smart but also gorgeous. Many men want her since she is rich and most of her family has past away. She is also very aware of the fact that many men are after he. Especially Duke Orsino's cheese ways to get her love. None of the men who want her are in love with her they just want a rise in their social class. Olivia is not much attracted to personalities but to looks for example when she first meets Cesario “thy tongue, thy face, thy limbs, actions, and spirits, do give the five bold blazon“(i.iv.48).pg8. In this quote Olivia is describing how attractive Cesario is, Olivia often goes after someone for their looks and she knows that.

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I’m a female who is a sophomore in High school .I’m Puerto Rican and Mexican. I was born in Chicago but live in Shorewood. I’m at times judged on my gender and race. Genders to me are not equal in my family my mother favors my brother often since he is younger and the only boy. He can get in less trouble then me since he is a boy. Sometimes students will say racial comments about all I eat is tacos or about crossing the border. But in certain things in America I see it as equal since women can do things they weren't able to do before. For example women are able to go to college in any carrier and join the army. Compared to how things were before women have much more rights and are more equal to men now.

Olivia is female that is portraying a character that is very rich and smart. Her gender is used since she is a rich single women. Usually it would be the man who is successful and rich looking for a women. But in twelfth night it’s a women who is rich looking for handsome man to marry. Her standers aren't as high when it comes to finding a spouse. Her gender is used threw out the play by others since she is not married and has a lot of money. It was considered very rare in that period time for there to be a wealthy women who is not married.

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Preception From Others

Friends see me as crazy and very funny. They also see me as someone who complains a lot and cares about what others think. I feel some teachers see me as someone who is smart and can do better and other see me as annoying and not as bright as other students .My family sees me as a girl who is lazy at times but loving and someone who can always make them laugh I feel much love from my family. My sister sees me as very mean person but also nice at times. My brother thinks of me as a girl who is mean and cranky all the time but very funny.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Olivia as a very rich women who has much power but also a women who is very confusing. For example when Feste the clown states she is the real fool for spending all her life and time morning her brother’s death instead of living her life. In the play viola states "I am no fee’d post, lady. Keep your purse.My master, not myself, lacks recompense.Love make his heart of flint that you shall love,And let your fervor, like my master’s, be Placed in contempt. Farewell, fair cruelty."(I,V.260) Pg.14. in this quote Viola is telling Olivia how much of a cruel women she is for not returning the love of Duke Orsino. Viola also stated if Olivia was to fall in love she hopes the man's heart is as hard as stone,and treats her like a big joke.This would be Viola perception of Olivia.

similarites and diffrences

I can compare myself to Olivia because we are both attracted to people who are very good looking not much looking towards their personality. Olivia always makes sure she well dressed, and i also make sure i'am dressed decent at any occasion. She is not a selfish women and i'am not either. I care much for others for example how she allows Sir Toby her uncle to live with her i would do the same if a family member was in need of a place to stay.

We also have many differences she will go after any guy if she likes him , and i would not go after a guy . Olivia is very rich and considered to be upper class and i would be considered middle class. Olivia is rude when not wanting to be with someone who loves her. I would not be rude but say i do not like a guy in a kind matter.

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