Work Ethic

5 Factors That Show a Strong Work Ethic


Work Ethic is defined as the set of moral principles an employee uses in his/her job.
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The employee will do work as assigned, but not wait around doing nothing when his/her manager does not specify what to do. The employee will show up on time and always put his/her best work forward.


The employee will always be honest and this will help form good relationships with customers and clients. Honesty helps form great relationships with colleagues as well and supervisors. The employee will always have high moral standards and always do the right thing.

Emphasis on Quality

Always put his/her best work out, never do the bare minimum. The employee has a dedication to great work and will never simply scrape by.


The employee will have great interpersonal skills and be flexible enough to work well with others in a team. The employee will have high respect for his/her coworkers and always help the team advance.


The employee will have a high commitment to getting all their work done before the deadline and finish his/her daily tasks. The employee will also stick by the company and stays focused on his/her goals.