By: Yifei Zheng


Renaissance sculptor Donatello was born during 1386 in Florence, Italy. Donatello spent the majority of his life in Florence, but also lived in Rome for a while. He was very educated in the arts and trained under Lorenzo Ghiberti. Donatello was also very gifted and had lots of humanist insight. He worked creatively with material and made judgments during his sculpting based on the world around him. Some of Donatello's most famous works are David and Virgin and Child. Donatello's David was commissioned under Cosimo de Medici. From this sculpture, one can see that Donatello paid attention to humanism and individualism.

The Bronze David

A notable piece of artwork of Donatello is the bronze David. The sculpture was created in 1440 and is now located in the Bargello Art Museum in Florence, Italy. The significance of this piece of art is that it was the first nude statue since the classical times, namely Greece and Rome. The sculpture consists of nude David holding a sword and stepping on a dead man's head. David was originally supposed to be placed in the Medici Palace, but was moved after the Medicis were exiled. Personally, I like how David is standing triumphantly on Goliath's dead head, Individualism is clearly linked with Donatello's David because David is by himself and has a particular expression on his face, almost content.

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