The Media World

Are you conformed in this society?

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Media has become the virtual birth of society. It has captivated us from day one into the the mother board of the media world. Like a tattoo, it is our digital fingerprint that will never go away. However, in this type of birth you can not die long after because it has a permanent ink written on your life. Media is the new thing that keeps evolving and breaking all the limits, but it has been causing privacy to decrease. On Facebook and Instagram, Facebook can legally own your photos if you agree to the terms. Media is going by so fast that we don’t want to get left behind; so we fail to accurately read the terms and agreements. This leads to us just clicking that box to agree with the terms not knowing that we just sold our life to the Media world. All because we want to post, to like statuses, and comment. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with media. However with every good thing there comes pros and cons. It's like alcohol, you choose to consume it and you will be responsible for your actions with it. Media can be a good thing, but when you are not careful and consume too much of it, it can cause problems. Media has done some wonderful things such as rekindling old friendships. For example, my mom lost contact with her best friend from high school, but recently the lady found her on Facebook and sent her a request. I have heard many stories similar to this which are heart warming. Also it provides great network between businesses.

The big thing about media is that you have to use it at your own risk because it will become your digital tattoo. Media literacy is being able to understand all that media requires and gives. It's the ability to learn more about yourself and others as this changes start to take place in world of media.

Coca-Cola - Going All The Way - Official :60

Super Bowl Commercial Preci

The Coca-Cola Company, a nationally known corporation, the commercial, Going All the Way, (2014-Superbowl commercial) communicates their slogan about opening happiness with their product. The Corporation portrays a little boy who goes for the touchdown, but goes further than expected by making a touchdown in Lambeau Field. The Company’s purpose is to relate the same happiness with a bottle of Coke; so it can reiterate their slogan “Open Happiness”. Coca-Cola’s target audiences are the athletes, the fans, and the go getters in life because they understand the true happiness this commercial is trying to portray in comparison to a touchdown which creates a tone of triumph and victory.

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Extra Extra, more time spent in school!

Tatiana Clack, Student Reporter

Mon March 24, 2014

GWINNETT COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM- adds an extra-long and exciting thirty minutes to the school year in order to keep their wondrous tradition of 180 days in school. The best county award goes to them.

Due to the days declared of as a state of emergency, the brilliant Gwinnett County decides to make the students make up those days by adding an extra exuberanting 30 minutes on the school day from March 3rd-May 14th 2014. The students of Gwinnett County are overwhelmed with joy to have . This has put a little dent into the work schedules of high school students. Who needs to work anyways? Their parent should supply all their needs. Also they middle school should not even have a curfew they come home late from school every day. They will be okay placing outside because the street likes should be on in a couple of minutes after they arrive home from school. The student’s life is about school; it is not about things such as work, family, sports, friends, and relaxation. Without school these students have no live. School is life.

What’s more enjoyable for students than spending an extra amount of time in class? Their attention spans are perfectly fine especially those bright elementary school students who can work for hours. Let’s not forget about those ideal high school kids who get up at six and are expected to listen to a thrilling teacher lecture on for hours and hours. Also the middle school students they do not need to focus on getting ready for bed, but more for staying up until one a.m. to finish homework. This extra thirty minutes is turning out to be a joyous experience for everyone.

So what if Gwinnett County is not number one at least they are number twenty-two. The county has earned its prestigious place as number twenty-two in the state which is to be applauded. You cannot get that high ranking with only 170 days, but with 180 exactly. It is proven by the most brilliant experts those 180 days leads to being ranked in the very high place of number twenty- two in the state.

Twist and Turns

In Orwell's novel there are many twist and turns. The book can lead you to a certian point and completely turn out to be something absolutely different. You would have thought Julia would have been apart of the thought police, but it turns out that O'brien was all along. It was the person we least expected. In Orwell's novel you never know what is going to happen next which keeps me reading to find out.

Putting the pieces together

In Orwell's novel you have to put the pieces together. Somethings aren't directly mentioned which requires me to figure out and put pieces together. Even with the love note it was never mentioned who exactly who it was but we you put the pieces together. I figured it out.


In class discussions, I have learned that we all see the book in different ways. The theme that has stuck with me the most was conformity. However some saw it as power, control, lack of privacy, and more. I think this is what Orwell wanted for his book to be seen in many different ways and angles in order to keep the book interesting. So I've been learning that it's all how you precieve it.

How I feel....

I find Orwell’s work very interesting because I can never guess what’s going to happen next. This book just keeps surprising me with new twist and turns. I guess this is what keeps me reading the novel. I feel like his work can start to lead you one way then take a whole different route. I think it is appropriate criticism of government to the modern world because everything begins to parallel. It makes you think about how much more does it to take for us to be the dystopian society Orwell was describing in 1984. I believe it’s not going to take much because we are almost to that point. The government has so much power that we don’t even know about. It makes you wonder are we being controlled now or do we still have that so called “freedom”. There’s beginning to be more and more limits on our civil rights. The most important message I’m getting right now in the book is about power and conformity. These are the two key points in a totalitarian society.

Through The Writers Eyes

In Media Literacy I’ve learned about society more than I could ever think. I was a sheep following the ways of the world. Since I’ll be leaving for college soon this class has taught me not to be merely a wondrous uninformed sheep in life, but a wolf that is ready and eager. One that doesn’t just watch life go by but goes after what it wants and has its own plan in mind. For me, I never really liked watching the news, but in this class it has taught me to be involved in our society. It’s my responsibility to know what is going on in the world. There’s nothing worse than being ignorant and simple minded in an evolving culture. I’ve learned about slackivism, what effect advertising has on us, and dystopian societies. This class has shown me how to learn about things. I should not just hear about it, but find articles, YouTube videos, or ask someone about. I need to take the news and run with it, learn about it, and embrace it.

This class was definitely different from regular language arts classes because it was finally a curriculum centered or relevant to us. Before this class, we were learning about old American literature, and world literature, and British Literature. However, this was a language Arts about us and about this current time. It made you want to be more involved and knowledgeable about the events that are occurring.

It was an interesting class. However what made it different from regular language arts classes is that it wasn’t structured. Sometimes things felt like they didn’t fit together and some topic went by really fast. It was kind of hard to grasp the full content when we are flying through it. I think this class has potential to be great, but it needs better organization. I didn’t like how MacBeth was thrown in the curriculum by betraying it as a dystopian society. However, 1984 was a better representation of a dystopian society. I think this class can find some really culturally accurate books to use. This will definitely make it soar into greatness.