Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

Sept 20th, 2013

What is going on?

What we are learning this coming week...

Math: This week we the students will use place value to compare and order whole numbers. Students will continue creating picture and bar graphs and drawing conclusions from the graphs. Students will be problem solving daily to apply the skills taught during the week.

Social Studies/Science: Early in the week students will be sharing their Heritage Dolls. While presenting students will be taking notes about interesting facts from other cultures. Midweek we will move into science where we will be conducting our first science experiment. Students will discover "What Scientist Do". We will simulate an oil spill and experiment ways to solve the problem using a variety of sorbents and dish soap. (We need supplies) Look below-

Reading: The focus in reading will be a review of setting; where and when the story takes place. Students will use the clues from the author to determine the setting of the provided text. Later in the week, I will introduce character traits and motivations. Students will be thinking of how a character feels, look, acts and thinks. Students will use this information to create and discuss character analysis.

Writing: The big idea in writing this week will continue to be writing words they don't know how to spell. We will practice the strategy of stretching out a word, while introducing the writing dictionaries as well. Students will apply these spelling strategies to their daily writing. The focus on grammar this week will be adjectives which we will connect to our reading lessons of character traits.

We are needing some supplies for our Science Experiment next week. Could anyone donate a large bottle of vegetable oil and 5 or 6 large feathers? The feathers can be craft feathers, they don’t have to be natural just plucked. Please let me know if you can help us out. Thanks for considering. Either type would be great!


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!

On the calendar....

Friday, September 20 - Freedom Celebration Assembly (wear White)

Wednesday, Sept. 25 - Early Release at 12:45

Wednesday, Oct. 2 - Picture Day

Tuesday, Oct. 29 - TAG Parent Information Night at 6:00 pm

Parent Conferences: please check out the link on my website, if you have forgot your conference time or need to set one up.

Early Release

Mark your calendars: this coming Wednesday, Sept. 25 is Early Release at 12:45. If your child's transportation will change for the day please email me, or jot a note in your child's planner. Thank you in advance.