Amendment 2

Right to bear arms


The right to bear arms is allowing people to have their own type of security and protection to protect themselves from dangerous people and things. People are aloud to have guns in their home for the use of their own protection. People are not aloud to kill anyone with their guns for protection unless they are protecting themselves.


People bring their guns to many places so they can protect themselves from dangerous things and people. People have used this law to kill people with their guns. Many people argue against this law so no one can kill each other. Other people argue that we need the protection/

Current Use

Most people use guns to protect themselves. When people go to the mall out late, at home, running errands at night, etc. People carry their guns with them for their safety and protection. Some people use that right and go out and kill people with their weapon. Most people keep it with them just incase of any incident like that.


I think that people should have the right to carry around weapons, but only for the use of protection. Even though people have killed each other because they have the right to carry around a gun, I still think everyone should have a gun to protect themselves and keep themselves safe.