All about Newscasters

By: Jenna Greaves Mrs. Sanguras 5th period


News casting is not a simple job, it may look easy presenting the news, but it's not. To be a Newscaster you have to have a pleasant voice that will be appreciated by many. Speak in front of large crowds, No stage fright and much much more. Being a Newscaster doesn't ofter much physical activity, talking happens alot as a newscaster but not much moving around. You must use correct grammar and language.

Travel and hours

The hours as a Newscaster must be very long, they are always standing by in case some unexpected news comes up. Travel can be hard too, for the weather is probably the worst, they'd have to stand outside in the weather and the travel could be long according to traffic rates.


Most Newscasters have to have a bachelors degree in journalism, communication or related field. Students wanting to be a newscaster take courses like mass media, public speaking, broadcasting or television production.


The national annual wage for a newscaster is around 16-78 thousand dollars per year. The annual wage for newscasters in Texas is around 28-103 thousand dollars a year. The hourly wage rate for newscasters in texas is $32 dollars an hour.
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Furture outlook

The future outlook for newscasters is that in several year there wont be live newscasters most likely virtual newscasters. It can be bad if someone wanted to be a newscaster but then they change to virtual newscasters.