In A Nutshell


I search, U search, We all search - REsearch!

As discussed during our Open Houses, we are beginning to ramp up for our first independent study. Students will begin to explore topic choices and complete entry tasks to finding their topics of study. First and second graders will look at unique characteristics of certain animals, while fifth graders will select one to two goals in planning their path to college and the career they hope to achieve.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

A trusted colleague sent me this article, and I hope you get a chance to read it. I plan to share some of it with our fifth graders tomorrow in thinking about how to create a growth mindset in establishing better habits for success.

Logical Answers to Everyday Problems

During our time together this week and next, first and second graders will find solutions to problems using logic and various steps in problem solving. As they finish their work, students will be encouraged to visit our task board of advanced math problems and work to solve each one. I can't wait to see their thinking. Most of this work will be solved in their math spirals so that we have it with us when they have a chance to work on it during our class times.