By: Cole Anderson

The Northern Pacific Ocean (High Biodiversity)

The annual rainfall per year is about 40 inches which covers 32 million square miles. The average temperature is astonishing 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It also contains 43 different biotic organisms.

The ocean contains animals such as the Blue Whale, Krill, and a White sided Dolphin.

It also contains different interesting plants such as Phytoplankton, Marine, Red, Brown, and Green Algae.

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Food chain

Blue Whale<=Krill<=Phytoplankton<=Sun

Animal species

Plant species

Sahara Dessert (Low biodiversity biome)

The annual rainfall in the Sahara desert is below 25 millimeters, and the average temperature is amazingly between 86-116 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also home to more than 300 species of migratory birds, and also holds Amphibians and Reptiles. The plants there are Herbs, Grasses, small Shrubs, and trees that are heat and drought tolerant.

The Sahara contains animals such as jack Rabbits, cobras, coyotes and more.

It also includes plants such as Doum palms, Panicum Turgidum, African Peyote Cactus and more.

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Food Chain

Sun<=Cactus<=Jack Rabbit<=Coyote<=Bacteria

Animal Species