Ashley Julian

Cabos San Lucas

Getting to Cabo San Lucas

My friend and I decided we take a trip together. We decided on a 10 day trip to Cabo San Lucas. Noelle and I flew Frontier. We started our trip at 8:15am on April 10, 2014. It was a 3 hour flight from Denver, Colorado to Cabo San Lucas. Once we arrived our Kia rio rental car was ready to take us to the Hotel we were staying at. Our Kia costed $223.17 per week, fit 5 people and included pick up at the airport

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Where to Stay

When noelle and I got to Cabo San Lucas we stayed in hotel called Los Cabos Golf resort. It is a 4 star hotel with a great pool and amazing staff.We stayed in a studio room, which included 2 beds, television and more. This resort also had a very great price. We stayed 10 days and it only costed $1381.59 for a amazing studio room.

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Once we got our bags and stuff settled we were off to enjoy our amazing stay in Cabo San Lucas. One of our first activities was Zip-Line desert Tour. It was fun, fast and safe. If we wanted we could have zoomed over the water too (which we did). This experience was high off the ground.

After Ziplining we headed down to Nikki Beach Escape , a gorgeous and thrilling experience. This awesome beach included drinks, mexican snacks and a luxurious time. According to, this is one of the worlds most famous beach club and telling by my stay there, I couldnt agree more.

Our time at the beach was so much fun, but very exhausting. We decided to call it a day and go back to our hotel.

The next day we woke up and were off to a place with personal mini-subs called Mini Sub Adventures, cool right?These one person subs were the perfect way to get super close to nature and all the adorable sea creatures, Plus it was completely safe. I must say it was a thrilling adventure.

After diving deep into the beautiful waters of cabo, Me and noelle were off to our next adventure,Parasailing. This was a thrill, that took us high of the water and not to mention the cheap cost of only $37 per person.

Soon after our parasailing adventure, we headed to get some lunch before we went to our final activity, El squid roe the dance club. It is impossilbe to miss, If you plan on going to Cabo soon definelty stop at El squid roe. From colorful drinks to quirky characters, el squid has it all.It was a way to just let loss and party!!

Throughout all of our 10 days in Cabo San lucas the days we spent doing all of these wonderful activities were definelty the best!

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Despite the upsides of this amazing trip, there was some downsides. When me and noelle went parasailing, noelle got stung by a jellyfish which I bet hurt.Another problem was the safety of traveling into mexico because you never know what will happen.But these problems werent anything me and noelle couldnt get over or solve.
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I love going on trips and meeting new people. This wonderful trip to Cabo was just what I needed, the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. Me and Noelle had many great times in Cabo, we did many amazing, extradionary things I will never forget. Cabo San Lucas was a extradionary, amazing, wonderful experience and I totally plan on going again for more memories to come!
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About the Traveler

As a traveler I have never been to Mexico before this very trip but telling by the experience I would totally go again. I love beaches and gorgeous views. I also love taking risks and going on adventures,such as ziplining and parasailing.I also love shopping so any place that has great shopping you can count me in!

History and Cultures of Cabo San Lucas

Besides all of the fun activities and gorgeous views, Cabo San Lucas has a very fascinating history behind it too. During 1535, Hernan Cortes set sail with 3 galleons into a tranquil bay he named Santa Cruz. Thomas Cavendish sacked the "invinsible" galleon Santa ana off cape San lucas in 1587. Also, they bulit the hotel Los Cruces on the coast in 1948.