How did the Americans win the war?

Against Great Britain

Americans Advantages

Some of the advantages that the Americans had to win the war is that they knew the land that they were on. The British weren't familiar with all the new geography from America, making the Americans have an advantage against Britain. Another advantage that the Americans had was that they don't want people to control them, especially people that have you pay taxes, and live in your homes. They wanted freedom from Britain making them fight a lot harder.

Americans Disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages that the Americans had were that they had no battle experience and didn't have that many weapons to fight against Britain. There were only a few men that fought in any wars and one of them would be the French and Indian war. One of them who we all know today is George Washington. He was one of the few people that fought in the French and Indian war.

How did the Americans win the war against Great Britain?

They were able to win the war by coming up with a strategy which might take a while but it would work then they would go full out on Britain. The strategy was to just defend instead of going offensive on Britain. They were hoping to tire them out so that they would be weak, and then they would go full force on Britain. And that's what they did, and they ended up winning the war against them.

How did this affect other people around the world?

This affected other people around the world by