Soul Surfer by: Bethany Hamilton

Abcde Barton

Soul Surfer A Lucky Girl

This story takes place in Kauai Hawaii and it revolves around one girl and her name is Bethany Hamilton. I haven't been to a place like this, but I would love to go there someday. I would love to be in a place and time like this. I like Bethany Hamilton because she survives a shark attack and I would love to be friends with her. I also like Bethany's best friends Alana Blanchard. Alana was the first one to get to Bethany when she got bit.

This story takes place in Kauai Hawaii. 2003 October 31, Bethany Hamilton was surfing at her favorite beach called "Tunnels". Bethany was relaxing in the calm crystal clear water while she was waiting for the next wave her left arm in the water and her right arm on her board watching her friends surf waiting for the next wave. All of a sedan a 14 foot tiger shark comes out of know war and just takes Bethany left arm clear off. Bethany's friends rushed over to her. When they got to her she was losing to much blood. They rushed to the beach and when they got there they rushed Bethany to her brothers truck and ruched to the ER. When they got to the ER they ruched Bethany into surgery. Hours later the doctor came out with some news. The doctor told Bethany's parents that their daughter was very lucky. He told them that she had lost 60% of her blood. Then the doctor told them that she was in recovery and that they can go and see her now. Bethany's mom and dad ran to go and see their daughter. Bethany was awake when they came in. She was so happy when they came in to see her. A week later Bethany got out of the hospital.

  • Bethany Hamilton was born in Li hue Hawaii February 8, 1990 (24 age)
  • Bethany Hamilton residence is in Kauai Hawaii
  • Two older brothers: Timothy 9 years older and Noah 5 years older
  • Bethany's parents: Thomas R. Hamilton, Cheerily Hamilton
  • Bethany got her arm bit off at the age of 13 October 31, 2003
  • Bethany's doctor told her that she could go into the water until her arm was completely better
  • The tiger shark bit off 16 inches of her arm and Bethany almost died from all the lost of blood
  • On October 31, 2003 where Bethany favorite surfing spot witch is called "The Tunnels" but that morning changed her life forever.

In the beginning of the story Bethany went surfing at five in the morning. While she was watching her friends surf waiting for a wave a 14 foot tiger shark bit off her left arm.

In the middle of the story Bethany started surfing again. Then she won her first national title one year later.

In the end of the story Bethany Hamilton moved to California and made the movie SOUL SURFER.

I like this story because Bethany Hamilton she holds on after she got attacked by a tiger shark.

There is one problem in this story. This problem is that Bethany Hamilton gits her arm bit off by a tiger shark. The problem is solved by Bethany getting back on her feet and starts surfing again.

In this story I learned a lot from this story. One thing is that you should never surf or go in the ocean by yourself, because sharks go for people who are not in a group.

The main idea of this story is a girl who survives a shark attack.

This story in particular was the best story I'v ever read in my life.

Author's purpose

Bethany Hamilton chows to wright this because she wanted to tell us about her life and how it happened.

Bethany Hamilton

To this day Bethany Hamilton lives happily married.