iTech Update

October 19, 2016 | Volume 3, Issue 2

This is the 2nd 2016-17 edition of the iTech Update, brought to you by the Technology Department, and is provided to give you an update on classes, software tips, resources, and other important information. More information can also be found on the iTech website. We are trying a product called Smore to create these web based updates.

Staff Pictures in Email

We'd like to encourage all staff to add a professional picture to your Google profile so that it shows up for others in emails and other areas of the Google ecosystem (Drive, Docs, etc.).

The best way to do this is to set up your Google+ profile and add your picture there.

Follow these instructions to View & Edit your Google+ Profile.

<--The illustrious LCHS librarian and supreme fisherman Paul Sutton.

iPad Management

As many of you know, pushing apps to iPads has been a bit of an ordeal this fall (to say the least) as we moved to a new management system for the district, and brought on new iPads. We would like to apologize for all the delays, and give you a quick update as to where we're at currently with iPad management.

  • Almost all district iPads have been placed into groups, and apps have been pushed to those groups.
  • Staff can add free apps to their staff iPad only by signing in with an Apple ID. Paid apps or apps for student iPads should be requested via our 16-17 App Request Form.
  • Unfortunately, in order to use the Apple Apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie or Garage Band), the apps must be deleted from the iPads, and then requested via the 16-17 App Request Form for us to push out. Otherwise, the device will prompt for an Apple ID if those apps are opened. This is a bug on Apple's side.

Thank you again for your patience, and our apologies again for all the delays as we work through these issues.

Updating Chromebooks

Our Chromebooks are set to update automatically if there is an update available. However, sometimes it doesn't happen right away, and there are many sites that depend on having the most up-to-date version of Chrome--i-Ready for example. The great thing is that anyone can run the update process, even students! Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Open Settings on the Chromebook
  2. Click on About Chrome OS
  3. Click on Check for and apply updates
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Google Chrome Profiles

Using Chrome Profiles can take the hassle out of managing multiple Google accounts on your computer (teachers and students). Check out the video below or this Chrome Profiles Guide for more information.
Chrome Profiles

Tech Repairs--Respond to Questions

We are committed to providing efficient and timely service to all of our staff across the district. One key part of our communication comes through our tech repair system, Spiceworks, which helps to centralize key information on each issue. Many times, our staff will send communication to you through this system with questions and requests. Your tech repair issues, in most cases, may be resolved faster if you are sure to respond to these questions by just replying to the email that is being sent to you.

In addition, once a tech repair has been closed, the notification email that is sent to you often includes notes on what was done to resolve the issue and may contain information that you need to know. Be sure to read those and respond if necessary. It also contains a feedback survey on our service--please let us know how we're doing!