Academic Support Resources

2022-2023 School Year

Academic Center

The Academic Center is located adjacent to the library in Room B132. Students may come during their lunch, study hall, or free period. Teachers and/or peer tutors are available to support students in either math and/or writing. For support in math, students can specifically work on math concepts and skills to improve their understanding. Students can ask questions about math assignments or returned assessments, collaborate with a classmate or peer tutor on math work, or work on personalized SAT math practice with Khan Academy. For support in writing, students may come to work on any assignment(s) they have in any subject area(s) for tenets of writing such as planning, organization, and construction of their writing. The Academic Center will be held in our Writing Center, Room B132

The Academic Center Schedule for Semester 1

National Honors Society Peer Tutoring

National Honor Society Request Tutoring Form: Would you like help from a peer in your classes? Please fill out this form.

National Honor Society Be a Tutor Form: Would you like to help your peers in their classes? Please fill out this form.