by becky

Italian Americans

Facts About Italians

The Italians brought food like pasta, pizza, lasagna, and other types of food. The Italians came for more money this is an economic reason, There was too many people there this is an environmental reason, they had to pay high taxes and rent this is an economic reason, land was hard to farm this is an environmental reason, and diseases were killing people this is also an environmental reason.

German Americans

Facts About Germans

Some things that Germans brought with them are Oktoberfest, Easter/painting Easter eggs, and Christmas trees. Some reasons they came were for safer places for religious freedom which is a environmental reason, more money which is an economic reason, or they came for a job which is also an economic reason.

Mexican Americans

Facts About Mexicans

Some cultural contributions that the Mexicans brought to the U.S were tacos, tamales, corn, tortillas, and lots of other kinds of food. Some reasons the Mexicans came to the U.S are because of revolution which is a political reason, and loosing land which is also a political reason. One of the ways they got here was by carts pulled by donkeys,