Classical Conversations of Kenmore

Week 11 Wrap Up!

11 weeks down, and one more to go!

This semester has flown by!! We are almost done with the 2015 school year, and ready for a much needed break! I hope you are all impressed with the amount of work the kids have done this year - the first one for most of them! Whether you've been diligently memorizing at home, or just playing along with the weekly work (or even hardly doing CC at home at all!) the kids are learning so much more than you probably know! The little ones are having fun learning to be in a classroom, making good friends, and learning that school is fun! I have seen such a transformation in Abby since she was only a 4yo. It will all come with time - enjoy the place where each student is right now, even if that place does not feel much like school.

Thank you Krystal Ripley for blessing us with your presence! She wanted me to tell you all what an enjoyable morning she had seeing all the classes. Her youngest child is now in Challenge, and she misses seeing the foundations days! Cute little presentations, wide eyed wonder at the science projects, and way too much noise!! All her comments were very good, and she told us to keep up the good work! If you missed chatting with Krystal, or thought of something else to say, you can email her! She is available at any time during the year if you ever have a topic which you are uncomfortable bringing up directly with your tutor or myself.

For Week 12:

Family Presentation: Pedersen



Yellow: Kitchen & Bathroom

Green:Fellowship Hall Clean up (after lunch)

Blue: Playground Supervisors (12:25 - 1pm) Be prepared to entertain kids indoors!

Purple: Nursery Help

Student Presentation Topic: Re-telling an Aesop's Fable, or other fairy tale.

(topics are suggestions only, use whatever your family likes!)

Classical Chat #4

Classical Chats #4: Why Do We Assess to Bless?

Community Announcements:

  • Next week is our Christmas Cookie party after lunch! Please bring a plate of Christmas cookies to share. Don't worry if you have sick kids, or a baby who just wonk cooperate - if most of us bring cookies, there will be more than enough to go around! I'll provide hot chocolate!
  • Thank you for paying up your nursery dues! We even had a brave mom who payed ahead for next quarter! You are free to do that in January, if you just don't want to think about 6-week payments next year.
  • Re-enrollment will begin in January when we come back for week 13. Only the registration fees will be due then, so it shouldn't be too hard right after Christmas. ($85 for the first child, $55 for others) In February, I'll open enrollment to the public, so talk with your family about how school is going this year, and whether you'll want to continue with Classical Conversations next fall! We will offer both Foundations and Essentials classes next year.
  • I'm looking for tutors and subs for next year! I'll email those of you who I've spoken with, and a few who have been on my mind. Please consider whether you'd be willing to serve as a tutor next year - it's a (lightly) paid position! I'd love to put a tutor-interest coffee date on the calendar for January, to answer your questions about tutoring. Your child's own tutor would also be happy to chat with you about the time commitment.

Upcoming Events:

Fri, Dec 11: Week 12 & Cookies & Hot Chocolate Christmas Party BRING COOKIES!!

Dec 18, 25 & Jan 1: Christmas Break!!!

Fri, Jan 8: Week 13 (please make sure you've marked this on your calendar!)

Week 11 Specific Links:

Online Extras: (use judgment for your own children)

Magic School Bus - S1:E11 - Plant Parts

Cat in The Hat - S1:E5 - creatures that need flowers

Encouraging Video:

Classical Christian Education.... Made Approachable.
Book: Classical Christian Education Made Approachable