Eva Braun

By: Ma. José Gómez

Early Life

Eva was born February 6 of 1912 in Munich, Germany. Her birth name was Eva Anna Paula Braun. Eva studied and after that she worked as a receptionist and later as an office assistant. At the same she worked as a model to the photographer of the Nazi Party.

role during wwii

Through the photographer Eva met Hitler and they started seeing each other. At the same time Hitler was flirting with another women. Eva tried to kill herself twice and failed. Hitler and Eva's relationship was never public, they were never seen together as a couple. Whenever Hitler and Eva where seen together at events he would introduce her as her assistant or secretary. Eva and Hitler lived together in Berghof, but she was never involved in Hitler's issues that were related to politics. She was also seen as hostess during dinner at their home, but never as Hitler's lover.

final years

Eva was Hitler's partner for 15 years. She was 23 years younger than Hitler. Hitler did not wanted for his reputation to be affected because of his girlfriend so he kept her hidden in Berghof. In 1945 Hitler and Eva got married and she changed her name to Eva Hitler. The next day they got into a Bunker and committed suicide April 30 of 1945.

Eva Hitler