World War II Homefront

Micah Hobin 2

world war II

World War II started barely over a decade after WWI Germany had the treaty of versia. They had to pay for everything that happened in the war, Germany had to pay over 36 billion dollars. When Hitler rose to power he started making a army. In 1939 when Germany attacked Poland. Hitler had allied with Japan and Italy. And the US didn't get involved until 1941 thats when Japan attacked pearl habor in Hawaii. Then the US decalared war on Japan.

World War II Homefront

When the US went to war with Japan the government ordered car factories to make tanks and other war machines. The US also drafted people over the age of 18 or older the older people were less likley to go to war. the US had military sargents to patrol the US. for any potential attacks on the US.

How the US change after Pearl Habor?

The US made Japanese enternmant camps not the camps where they kill them. The americans where scared of the Japanese so thats why the Americans put the Japanese in the camps