WEEKEND UPDATE - Monday Edition

October 24th

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Dates to Know

Monday-Friday Oct 24-28 Red Ribbon Week

Friday, Oct 28 - Fall Fest/Halloween Parties for students (day)

Friday, Oct 28 - PTO Fall Fest/Halloween Party for families (night)

Monday, Oct 31 - Final Day to donate women's socks

Thursday, November 3rd - Parent/Teacher

Monday, November 7th - Parent/Teacher

Thursday, November 10th - Parent/Teacher

Saturday, November 12th - Art Institute Family Field Trip

Halloween/Fall Fest - Friday, October 28th

This Friday, we are hosting our Fall Fest/Halloween school party. This is the day that the students can come to school in costumes and we are celebrating Halloween if your child celebrates. PLEASE NOTE, ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 31ST, IT WILL BE A REGULAR SCHOOL DAY WITH NO COSTUMES, FACE PAINT, ETC. We are using Halloween as a rain date in the event the weather is bad on Friday, which it doesn't look like it will be, but we'll make final decision mid-week.

The PTO is also sponsoring their night-time party on Friday, so it should be a nice long fun day for the kids with a weekend to follow.

A couple of notes:

*Kids' costumes should be functional all-day for school. They have to be able to sit in their desks, sit on the floor, participate, sit on the bench at lunch, participate in class, etc.

*The kids do not need to have their "full" Halloween costume for school, and actually shouldn't. We are asking for no props to be brought to school. (they become a distraction, sometimes get lost, etc.). There are also no supports in place for make-up, etc. So for the school day, think simple. They can go full costume at night for the PTO party.

*They have to be able to see and get around. So, we say no masks to make sure that there aren't safety issues and mobility issues. We ask that you help your child understand that, but I'm sure in costume choice and trick-or-treating, you've already considered that.

*We will have a school parade outside, down Hamlin at approximately 3:15 if you'd like to watch. Please note that our parties are outside and we have volunteers for that. Once you arrive at Carpenter to watch the parade, please remain on Hamlin.

*If your family or child does not celebrate Halloween, they are welcome to wear Fall colors, school colors, their favorite sports team, or whatever they'd like to the Fall Fest. We have lots of fun games and activities for all of our students to participate in.

*To our Room parents running games, we do not give out candy or food to our students.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Sign-ups are open for conferences. This is the first time we've been using the Parent Portal for fall conferences, so there've been some questions I didn't anticipate and wanted to clarify.

1. I believe that you are given the option in the portal to sign up for every conference for your child, including specials. Please note that you do not have to sign up for a conference with every teacher. We anticipate people signing up for conferences with their homeroom teacher and signing up for conferences with special teachers if something is really pertinent.

2. When I wrote about 1 conference per family, I meant that in situations of divorce, there are not enough time slots available for teachers to provide multiple conferences to parents. You are more than welcome to sign up, for let's say, a homeroom teacher conference and a conference with your child's CofC teacher for example.

3. The conference sign-up will end November, 1st to allow us the time to prep before first conference night. Once it is closed, you would need to specifically contact the teacher if a change needed to take place.


On last Wednesday, we had our first-ever Cougar Den activity and program launch. We divided the entire school into 39 different groups and at the same time, all of the groups met with their staff den facilitator. Each den has 1-2 students from each grade level giving our students the opportunity to meet others outside of their homerooms and grade levels. Our older students have the opportunity to be good role models and buddies while our younger students now can meet older friends. As we've opened the field and our kids can mix age groups often at recess, it is nice that they can connect in various recess activities. We plan to have Den activities throughout the year. The Dens will stay together for their Carpenter career which will help to foster these relationships. As our 5th graders move onto middle school, our new kindergarteners will be added to the Den. It's another fun way we are looking to foster a positive community environment and is allowing us to continue to focus on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).

On Wednesday, since it was the first time, we kept things simple and planned ice-breaker-type activity. Students had to introduce themselves, say what homeroom they were in, and one interesting fact about themselves. Dens were challenged to come up with a Den name and then take a picture ( a few of which I included below). The trickiest part is finding time in the day to meet, but we already have a lot of creative ideas for the year and some systemic ideas for moving forward into 2023-2024. Here are some comments from staff following the activity:

*Some of my kindergarten students told me that they were excited to be able to say hi to the big kids in the hallway now.

*A lot of the students in my group were surprised that they had things in common. A lot of the students loved animals and had the same favorite animal.

*A couple of students realized that they have things in common, even though they are years apart in age.

*The kids were just really cute and excited and had a great time. I would love to get together with them often!

*The fifth graders took charge of the picture by organizing the kids. I already see how they will feel like role models.

*All the students were so respectful and inclusive of each other!

Kiwanis/D64 Holiday Food Basket Drive

The Kiwanis Club of Park Ridge is hosting its Annual D64 Holiday Food Basket Drive to help families who could benefit from added support during the holidays. This year we have approximately 150 families in need.

All funds raised go directly back to our families in D64 in the form of a Holiday basket including a Mariano grocery gift card, pie, and holiday ham.

We understand the importance of family tradition and the role it plays in the life of a child. Holiday meals in particular help strengthen family bonds and provide an extra dose of happiness.

Can we count on you to help us bring holiday cheer to the children in our school district this holiday season? The drive will last for only a month, so please join us today. Donations can be made online or by check from 10/20/2022 to 11/20/2022.

To donate on-line, click https://kiwanisPR.org/

… or send a check to Kiwanis of Park Ridge

19 N. Seminary Avenue

Park Ridge, IL 60068-3037

Sound easy?... It is! Make your holiday brighter by making a family’s holiday brighter. THANK YOU for CARING!

Kiwanis Club of Park Ridge

CoVid Communicating

This year, instead of sending out an email for CoVid cases, we will be updating a slide on our website. Please bookmark this page if interested in keeping tabs of our current cases and associated homerooms. I'll leave this in my weekly updates as well, but I'll gradually move this towards the bottom of the reading material.