Gabby LaCount - 8th hour science

Career Overview

Psychiatrists use counseling treat patients with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, and emotional disorders.

What You Need To Succeed

Good classes to take in high school would be anatomy, physiology, chemistry, foreign language, and statistics and probability. As far as college, You would need a bachelors degree, masters degree, and a PhD.

Cost Of Education and Living

Total Cost for 4 Years: $204,780

Housing: $20,000

Food/Groceries: $12,000

Gas: $3,000

Clothing: $900

Associations/Professional Organizations

A couple associations that relate to psychiatrists are the American Medical Student Association ( and the American Psychiatric Association (

Pros And Cons

Pros: Your work is varied (each patient is different), you get opportunities to use different types of treatment, and you get to set your own work hours.

Cons: Your work can be stressful and emotionally tiring, and it can be discouraging to work with patients who show no improvement.


Do you often find yourself counseling your friends or giving them advice? You should consider being a psychiatrist. After getting a medical license, you would get to use counseling to treat patients with mental illness, physical disabilities, and emotional disabilities in your own office. So next time your friends are asking for your advice, consider this message.