What's New In Room 33

Mr. Woodworth's Class

This Week...

Hello everyone. As we approach our 2 week break, there are many loose ends we will be trying to complete in class. Here's a detailed lest of our schedule.

Monday: Nothing due today. We started measuring angles and every student has borrowed a protractor. They were assigned lesson 5 and 6.

Tuesday: Math homework and reading logs are due. We continue to measure angles and the students will again bring protractors home. There is a band concert at 1pm.

Wednesday: Library books are due. Math homework lesson 7 is due. Anyone who has not finished their lit group book needs to complete the book tonight.

Thursday: Math lesson 8 is due and we will review for the mid module assessment. Homework is a practice test. Also, our lit group books must be completed by today. I will meet with each group for a final time to discuss how their books ended. They will take a test on their book.

Friday: Math practice test is due and there is a mid module exam on geometry. Spelling is also due.

I asked everyone if they'd like to participate in a "white elephant book" gift exchange and they said yes. Everyone needs to bring a wrapped book by Friday. This should be a used book that they don't want anymore. It can be a book they love, a picture book, a book they don't like etc.. It should be a great time. We'll do this after lunch and finish the day with a game of capture the flag in the park.

Multiplication Facts

We continue to take multiplication timed tests and everyone is making great progress. Half of the class has moved out of the two and a half minute test and some are approaching the 1 and a half minute tests. Please have your child continue to practice as needed. There are some great on line games that can help them review,