Roman Empire

By: Elena Jones


For my topics I have are Rome,the city of the Seven Hills,Struggles between Rich and Poor, And the Latin Aristocracy Revolts. the reason I picked these topics is because they all seemed interesting to me. This is my project on the Roman Empire. These topics are interesting in their own way.

Rome, the city of the seven hills

They have a small river called Tiber. The Latins lived South of the river. The Latin people were known as farmers and Shepherds. The Latin merchants Madea Village on one of the Seven Hills. All of the Seven Hills joined together to make a city called Rome.

Struggles between rich and poor

Who were the people that wanted power? The landowners were increasing the price of land. To have economic and political power. The wealthy and rich people increased prices on herds until monoplized for public pasture. The wealthy or rich owners started lending money out to gain for interest on smaller property owners.

The Latin Aristocracy revolts

The Latin Aristocracy Revolts Lucius J. Brutus led the rebellion of Aristocracy. In the 509 BC Lucius Junius (Or Known as King) was leader. Brutus discovered sons involvement and sentenced to death. Tarquin had tried four times before and failed to regain power. Tarquin tried to overtake power with help from Brutus's two sons.


I chose the topics of Rome, the City of the Seven Hills, Struggles between Rich and Poor, The Latin Aristocracy Revolts, because I found them interesting. This is how I decided to describe the Roman Empire. This project I did on the Roman Empire I found to be interesting in its own way. I hope you enjoyed this flyer.


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