Connect, Collaborate, Go Global

Learning about the world, with the world

Flat Connections Workshop Atlanta, June 2014

We have the technology, we have the pedagogy, it’s time to join learners to the world! This workshop provides educators and education leaders the skills and resources to connect their learning and take it from local to global - and provides concrete examples and stories of those who are already doing this to inform your approach. It is imperative students receive a global education and have the opportunity to connect and work with others in the world. Embedding global learning and competency is not a plane ticket but a mindset and a curriculum imperative. Where do you start? This workshop will show you how.

Workshop Leader: Julie Lindsay

MA (Music), MA (Educational Technology Leadership), Graduate Diploma in Computer Education, Diploma in Education, Apple Distinguished Educator, Adjunct Lecturer, School of Information Studies, Faculty of Education, Charles Sturt University.

Julie has led the way in global education and technology-infused connections and collaborations across six countries including Africa, Asia and the Middle East. As an IT Director in international schools she implemented 1:1 learning and worked with teachers from K-12 on pedagogical applications for mobile and ubiquitous computing. She also developed a unique approach to global collaboration using Web 2.0 tools and connected learning approaches. Now based back in Australia as a consultant, presenter and workshop leader she is kept busy as Director of Learning Confluence Pty Ltd, founder of Flat Connections, Global Collaboration Consultant for THINK Global School. She is a former ISTE International Representative on the Board of Directors and a member of the Horizon Report Board of Advisers 2008-2014.

Julie understands different global contexts and is able to bring opportunities to others through her passion for learning and ‘teacherpreneur’ approach. She is adept at designing and customizing learning experiences for all ages, including cutting edge events such as the groundbreaking Flat Connections Conference. As co-founder of Flat Classroom® she authored ‘Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to global collaboration one step at a time’ Pearson, 2012. Julie is completing her EdD with the University of Southern Queensland with a focus on facilitating positive social change through effective pedagogy for collaboration.

To find out more about Julie, start with this portfolio website -

Connect, Collaborate, Go Global: Flat Connections Workshop

Wednesday, June 25th, 8:30am to Thursday, June 26th, 3:30pm

2890 N Fulton Dr NE

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta International School
Contact person: Alan Preis
Phone: 404-841-3840

Registration Details

Registration for this workshop is with Julie Lindsay and Flat Connections.

To register please complete this ONLINE FORM. An invoice will be sent for confirmation and payment .

Registration Cost per person: $495 USD

Registration cost per person for a group of 4 or more applying: $395 USD each

All registrants will receive a hard copy of 'Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time' co-authored by Julie Lindsay, Pearson 2012.

Option not to receive book (because you already have a Kindle and/or hard copy):

  • Single registration: $475 USD

  • Group (4 or more) per person: $375 USD

Enduring Understandings

As a result of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the importance of connected and ‘flat’ learning in education

  • Start or continue to build a network of interested and enthusiastic colleagues - face-to-face and virtual

  • Understand the power of Web 2.0 tools and how they support collaboration and connected learning

  • Explore digital citizenship from a local and global perspective

  • Appreciate the potential of global collaborative projects and experiences for students and teachers - increasing internationalism, inter-cultural understanding, and global awareness

  • Understand the importance of global project design and management through hands-on workshop activities

  • Understand how the strategies, structures and techniques in this model are easily applied to the classroom setting

Essential Questions

  • What is connected learning?

  • What does it mean to flatten the classroom walls?

  • What is collaborative learning and how can curriculum redesign support this?

  • What is a global collaborative project?

  • What is global competency, international mindedness and intercultural understanding?

  • How do educators best prepare for introducing global interactions that lead to collaboration and co-creation into everyday learning?

  • What strategies do we need to foster and manage better learning using digital tools?

  • What does collaborative learning and digital citizenship look like in a global context?

  • How can we effectively embed social media and collaborative learning using emerging technologies?

  • What is a good design for a global collaborative project?

  • How does challenge-based professional development support connected and ‘flat’ pedagogy?

Recognition for PD is available and Graduate Credit

This workshop is designed as a 10-hour professional development course with time also allocated for 'lab' sessions to develop skills with Web 2.0 tools. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and completion of the 10 hours.

It is modeled on the very successful Flat Connections Conference Leadership Workshop implemented at live events around the world and the Flat Connections Global Educator online professional development. Participants will be given the option to continue working with the Global Educator cohort that commences in June 2014 to complete the course online, at a discount price. Two graduate credits are available from the University of Northern Iowa for completion of the full certificate.

Flat Connections provides resources, skills, strategies and access to learning about the world, with the world.
Led by Julie Lindsay, Flat Connections joins learners with the purpose of 'learning while doing' in a global context.

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