Stacey's Sweet Sisters

July 2014

Director's Corner

I hope you have all been enjoying your summer! Mine has been filled with partying, spending time with family and friends, working my business from HOME, and PACKING!

I absolutely cannot wait for Conference in Columbus in just a couple of weeks!

Team Parties!

Our team held 35 parties in June, BEATING the goal home office set for us of 31 parties, and sold $18,530 in PV!

That's 12 more parties and $6,100 more in sales in June than we had in May!!!

Let's get more than 31 parties again in July!

Top Party Girls:

Our top party girls for June were Nicole Duda and Julie Breach with 8 Parties Each!

Fun party ideas for July:

Chill Out Party: On your invites, ask guests to bring their favorite warm-weather recipes to share. When they arrive, show them our amazing thermals and how they can keep food cold or hot on summer days!

Summer Adventure Party: Set her up with summer road trip essentials! All month, the Essential Storage Tote is ONLY $5 with every $35 spent! Not only is that a GREAT deal,it also pairs perfectly with June's special! Two Essential Storage Totes fit inside a Deluxe Utility Tote, making a perfect set!

Look Who's In DIQ!

Sarah Sespico is currently a Director In Qualification! The requirements for director are 4 PEQAs (consultants who are personally enrolled, qualified, and active), $4,000 in team sales, and $1000 in personal sales for the month!

Sarah and her husband live in Factoryville, PA with their four adorable boys! She joined Thirty-One in May of 2013 and has been a rock star ever since! She promoted to Senior Consultant in November 2013 and has a strong team of 6 active consultants!

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June Top Sales

Consultant Top Sales

Julie Breach- $4,284

Rebecca Hayden- $1,285

Sarah Sespico- $1,155

Director Top Sales

Nicole Duda- $4,967

Stacey Hyde- $2,830

Congratulations Start Swell Earners!

Congratulations Julie Breach on earning ALL FOUR LEVELS of Start Swell!

Fun Fact: Start Swell earners are 43% more likely to stay active, have 3x the PV of other consultants, and are 21% more likely to promote to director!

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Work It Sister, Summer Incentive!

Congratulations to the earners of month 1 of Work it Sister!

Arlene Chorba

Melissa Timony

Julie Breach

Rebecca Hayden

Don't miss out on this incentive just for our team! Requirements include $600 in sales for the month and a coaching call with me. Contact me today to schedule your appointment!
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Ready Set Sell and Add-On Kit!!

Make sure to set yourself up to earn Ready Set Sell August 1-15th by submitting $300, $600, or $1200 in sales! There are 3 levels once again, making it easier than ever to earn new fall products! The entire kit is shown below along with the Add-On Kit available August 1-15 for only $31!

Home office puts together the best kits to set us up for success! You WANT to earn the $1200 kit AND purchase the add-on is an amazing deal! RSS is worth $522 and the Add-On kit is worth $74. You get it all for $31!

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Make the Most of July!

Don't let any of your customers miss out on the Essential Storage Tote for just $5 for every $35 spent! Contact everyone who ordered a Deluxe Utility Tote in June and let them know that TWO of these totes fit perfectly in the DUT!
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Dates to Remember

July 9-12 Denver Conference!

July 22-25 Columbus Conference

August 1-15 Ready Set Sell!

August 1-15 Order Fall Add-On Kit for $31!

August 9-16- August C&C meetings (I'm co-hosting in Florida! :)

August 16- Fall Enrollment Kit goes live!