Christmas Activity


What is Christmas and where did it originate from ?

Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ which is the 25th of December ( but there are other dates to Christmas ) and it came from Italy which was introduced by the Roman Pagans as Saturnalia.

How is it celebrated in Australia ?

In Australia it is celebrated by giving presents, have a big feast with family and friends, having a holiday, decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments and hanging up Christmas lights around the house.

How do people celebrate it in Europe ?

Germany - they decorate the Christmas tree in the morning at Christmas eve, the last shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped on Christmas eve. On Christmas they have a big feast and as usual the give presents to each other.

England - in England they celebrate it like in Australia ( but it snows there in December )

Russia - they do not celebrate Christmas on the 25th of Dec but they celebrate it on the 31st of Dec and as usual they give presents to each other and have a real Christmas tree which is decorated.

Italy - in Italy Christmas celebrations starts 8 days before Christmas with the period know as Novena. During this time the children dress up as shepherds and knock on peoples doors and sing to get money. They also decorate there houses.

Just to name a few, but all countries celebrate Christmas nearly the same as England, America and Australia.

Why is it an important holiday in Australia ?

  • its the time when family and friends come together
  • children get gifts from Santa
  • its the birth of Jesus Christ
  • its the time when people can have a break
  • we learn the pleasure of giving

How does my family celebrate Christmas ?

My family celebrates Christmas ( 31st Dec ) by giving presents, chopping down our own Christmas tree, decorating the tree, decorating the outside and the inside of the house, having a feast which had to have 12 or more meals and stay up to 12pm to celebrate the new year ( with my family of course ) Besides that my brother gives us presents on the 25th of Dec.

Celebration of another culture - Hanukkah - Judaism

What is it and where did it originate from ?

What is it ?

It celebrates the 2nd temple in Jerusalem and the miracle of its menorah ( 9 candles ). The candles are stayed lit up for 8 days, only having 1 day supply of oil. Each night lighting the menorah reminds them of the miracle.

Where did it originate from ?

It originated from the Holy Temple ( 2nd Temple ) in Jerusalem

By the way it is celebrated November - late December

Why is it important ?

It's the rededication of the Holy Temple ( 2nd Temple ), at the time when the Maccabean Revolt was against the Seleucid Empire in the 2nd century

What is the significance of it ?

Hanukkah means the " Festival of Lights", which is connected to the cleansing of the temple by Judas Maccabeus after Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated it in 167 B.C. This Festival goes for 8 days, which during this time night after night 1 candle is lit up each day.

How do people celebrate it ?

People celebrate it by -

  • Children playing the dreidel
  • Lighting up the Monorah
  • By praying
  • Giving the children small gifts of money
  • By making traditional food : latkes ( pancakes that are made from shredded potatoes, onions, matzoh meal and salt ) and applesauce
  • Practice Tikun Olam ( the chance when children talk about what they beleive in )
  • They dance a traditional dance