A Palestinian & Jewish Wedding


Who's Getting Married?

Also this is can be relatively controversial, a Jew and a Muslim are planning to get married in the city of Jerusalem because it is considered "the Holy Land" to both belief systems.

Ceremony & Details

A Rabbi will perform the wedding ceremony because Jerusalem is considered the holiest of all lands to the Jews, whereas it is the third holiest for the Muslims. Out of respect for the Jews and their beliefs, it makes sense for a Rabbi to perform the wedding ceremony. The wedding will be held on a Sunday for it is the most common according to Jewish traditions.

The arrangement of flowers at the wedding will consist of red and white roses from Israel to symbolize love, marriage, and new beginnings. Poppies from Palestine will also be apart of the arrangement of flowers to symbolize beauty.

There will be a variety of both Israeli and Palestinian food and drinks served at the wedding.

Topics That Should Be Avoided

In respect to the soon-to-be married couple and their beliefs, a handful of topics should be avoided.

- Whether or not the couple actually belong together due to their different religions.

- How the Israelis may be considered "terrorists" for throwing Molotov cocktails over the wall that separates Israel and Palestine.

- Whether or not the couple should trust each other due to their different religions.


Since the wedding is taking place in the holy land, lots of security will be there to prevent any chaos that may occur. Jerusalem is very important to Jews, Muslims, and even Christians, security will ensure the safety of everyone attending the wedding.

Five Very Important Questions

Q1: How have religious differences between Islam and Judaism caused conflict?

A: Religious differences between Islam and Judaism has caused conflict because they have different beliefs on the profit. Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ or Mohammad are the profits. In fact, they are still waiting for one.

Q2: What is the reasoning behind border conflict between Israel and Palestine?

A: Both the Jews and Muslims used to live in a country later named Israel, however it was considered a Jewish country so all of the Muslims were moved to smaller areas within Israel known as Palestine. The reason there is conflict behind this is because there is a law in Israel that all of the empty homes in Palestine have to be turned over to the Jews, so when the population eventually dies out, Palestine will be no more.

Q3: What are the causes and effects of the American misconceptions regarding terrorism & American foreign policy in the Middle East?

A: Many people in America assume that just because a person is Muslim, that makes them a terrorist. This weakens the diplomacy between the United States and the Middle East.

Q4: What is the significance of the Holy Land to all involved?

A: Jerusalem is the holiest land for Christians, Jews, and the third-holiest land for Muslims. There should be no problem with having a wedding here because both the Jews and Muslims believe in Allah.

Q5: What is controversial about a Muslim and a Jew marrying?

A: Muslims and Jews both believe in "Allah" (God), however the story behind the profits are different. Those who support Judaism believe that their profit has not arrived yet. On the other hand, Muslims believe their profit is Mohammad. This difference in beliefs may cause conflict in a Jewish/Muslim marriage.