Getting Started with EMS Technology

Quick & Easy Ways to Kick Off the Year on the Right Foot

In this Update ...

  • Recommended Web Browsers
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Shared Computers?
  • ELEMENTARY: Getting Started in Teams
  • SECONDARY: Getting Started in Canvas
  • Need Help?

Please visit for all of our details about our Return to School Plan.

Recommended Web Browsers

Our web-based resources will work best when using a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (Chromium). Many of our resources will not work correctly in Internet Explorer.

If you notice a resource opening in Internet Explorer, you can copy the web address from the top and then manually open it in a different browser.

SPECIAL NOTE: Teams Online is not supported on the Safari browser. Apple users can download the free Teams Application or use a different browser.

Getting Started with Single Sign-On

The Single Sign-On (SSO)is going to be big timesaver for students. Log in to the SSO and easily access your digital resources. Some apps will require a login the first time you use them, but the password will be saved for future use.

Head to in your favorite modern web browser (on a computer or mobile device) and sign in with your district username and password. If you are using a mobile device, you may want to download the SSO/Classlink App from the App Store (iOs/Android.)

Once you're there, we recommend that you save this site as a favorite or desktop shortcut. On a mobile device, you can save to the home screen or in your favorites.

SSO for Students
Como entrar al SSO tutorial para padres

Shared Computers for Students

If your children are sharing a computer for school work, or if they are sharing a computer with you during our Remote Learning, it is important that each child fully logs out of Microsoft 365/Teams before a sibling or family member tries to sign in to their own account.

Another option is to let each child or user sign in with a different web browser. We still recommend logging out after use, but if Child #1 always uses Chrome and Child #2 always uses Edge, there's much less likelihood that someone will accidentally use the incorrect account.

We also recommend using Private or Incognito windows. The following video demonstrates how that allows users to sign on to similar accounts on the same computer.

Parent's Guide to Opening an InPrivate Browser

ELEMENTARY: Getting Started in TEAMS

Elementary students will meet with their teachers and classmates in Microsoft Teams.

This Parent and Student Orientation for Microsoft Teams page provides multiple resources to help you get started in Teams. Directions vary based on the device your student is using, so our orientation information is written specific for computers or tablets.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students using an iPad/iPhone must use the Teams app, rather than the Single Sign-On at this time. This FREE app is installed on all district-provided iPads, but will need to be downloaded on personal devices.

You can find more information at - look in the Remote Learning section and click the icon for Technology Tutorials - Elementary.

SECONDARY: Getting Started in Canvas

Secondary students will see all course content and assignments in Canvas. Teachers will post links to live meetings and class events that will use Microsoft Teams.

This Canvas for Students playlist provides short videos to help students get started in Canvas.

SPECIAL NOTE: When a student clicks a meeting link (a live lesson or a teacher's "Office Hours,) students may be prompted to sign in to Teams/Microsoft 365. This login is the student's full email address and standard password:

  • Teams/Microsoft 365 username:
  • Teams/Microsoft 365 password: standard password (uppercase first initial, lowercase last initial, 8 digit birthdate)

You can find more information at - look in the Remote learning section and click the icon for Technology Tutorials - Secondary.

Need Help?

If you have questions specific to class expectations or content, please reach out to your classroom teacher or campus principal.

The site is updated daily with information designed just for you - our families.

Our technology helpdesk is available to help students with trouble related to district accounts and access. You can reach them at 817-847-2990 from 7:30am - 4:00 pm. If they are busy on other calls, please leave a detailed message with a contact number or email address so they can follow up on your request.