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The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice in collaboration with the Association of Black Social Workers (ABSW) and Women of Color at Penn (WOCAP) invite you to join us for a Panel Discussion on social media and social change. The panelists will discuss aspects of the role of social media as a key platform for social change. As well as the national dimension of various social justice issues and the insights provided by Black Twitter and online campaigns for sociopolitical changes.

Panel Discussion: Social Media & Social Change

Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 6-8pm

University of Pennsylvania Houston Hall, Bodek Lounge 3417 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104

Hear from noted Penn Professors and a Penn alumna who is an awarded activist that has launched national campaigns related to anti-street harassment (#YouOKSis) and protesting police brutality (#NMOS14)

Moderated by Monica R. Miller, PhD @religionhiphop - Assistant Professor of Religion and Africana Studies and author of Religion and Hip Hop

Panelists include:

* John L. Jackson, Jr., PhD Dean @johnljacksonjr - Anthropologist, Professor, Author, Filmmaker

* Salamisha Tillet, PhD @salamisha - Professor, Cofounder of @alongwalkhome, Author, Activist

* Feminista Jones @FeministaJones - Social Worker, Author, Activist, Mom

* Casey Bohrman, PhD @CaseyBohrman - Social Worker, Professor, Researcher, Activist

*This event is free and open to the public as a part of programming for the University of Pennsylvania’s 20th MLK Symposium. Tell a friend or bring a friend!

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