Water pollution

Water pollution's dangerous effect on society

Water pollution damages our health

Water pollution is very bad for our health. Drinking polluted water can cause very bad illness such as cholera or cancer. Water pollution effects 60 % of our rivers and lakes so you can just guess how many people are effected by the diseases in the water. Water pollution comes mainly from agricultural runoff so if you live in a farm heavy state you should get your water checked out.

Reduce water pollution once and for all!

Water pollution needs to stop! If we don't stop it now our water sources will be gone before you know it. Do you want to live in a world with no water. No because you can't the human body needs water to live. In the world there is only 1% of clean drinking water and by the way we keep destroying our water we wont have any left in the near future we could be destroying our kids futures.

How do we Prevent water pollution?

Here are a couple tips

1. Don't flush liquid or medicine down the toilet or sink

2. Avoid using the garbage disposal

3. Run the dishwasher or washer only when you have full loads

4. Don't any fat from cooking down the sink keep a "fat jar"

5. Use the minimum amount of detergent or bleach when washing clothes or dishes

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