All About Me

By Jarod S. Casady

Who am I

I am Jarod Casady I was bore in Zenea,Ohio, US. I move to Arkansas when I was one. I lived in Arkansas for 12 years. I love the outdoors and climbing trees. Now I am 14 years old and some of my favorite thing has change and thing have gotten harder on me. My Dad is in very critical state. He had 3 heart attacks and had a triple by pass surgery. Last year 2014 Spring my dad almost died. He had went into v- tack 10 times. Now my dads been getting better by time to time he goes to the emergency room because of chest pain. At one point he was on the heart transplant list. I try my best to make him proud by doing good in school and help him do things around the house. That's my life and things that have happen to me.

My favorite hobby's are riding bikes and playing sports. I like the outdoors and climbing trees or just playing with some friends. I'm interested in going to college when I graduate high school. My skills are singing I've been singing since I was five and joined choir in 7th grade and still in choir. I can also play the guitar and play drums.

My career goals and life goals

My life goals are to get my drivers license, graduate high school, own a house, and have a family. My career goals are to go to college and graduate, become an Aircraft mechanic, and retire when I am 70.

Self Esteem

I think I have a high self esteem because I have faith in myself and will do my best. I have goodness in me to help other even if they have been mean to me because they don't know what right from wrong is and I want to help explain that in a kind way. I hope I have improved other self esteem as well as mine by being there for them no matter what. I have done a lot of great things in my life. One of them is being to almost all of the states in the US. So I think that this test results are very correct.
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Attitude Test

I think the results are correct because I feel the same way about it and how I react to thing like this. I am a very nice person but can be very rude if I am made in front of. I am proud of the test results and will contain to be me. I want to have a positive attitude all the time. I like being happy and having a great day. I don't like getting yelled out a lot.
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Career Aptitude

I think these test results are some what right but I want to go to Ohio State college. I want to become an amp and work for the airlines. I want to have a great income to support a family that ill take care of and be there for. I also want to become a storm chaser for an extra job. My back up job will be a teacher for people who want to become amp's. I just want to work and not have to hate my job.

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Learning style test

I think the test results are accurate because, I am a hands on person and that's how I learn how to do stuff like driving. I learn the fell of the stuff around me by the feel of the shape such as tools, steering wheel, and controllers. I think that I can become an amp because I am using parts and tools which is a hand on project. I like to ride bike by learning how to steer. So I think I learn better at hands on project. I hope I have lots of was to use my hands.
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personalty type.

I think I'm a little on the judgmental side because I want something done right the first time. I think I learn fast because of practices it like singing. I love to be a leader to take responsibly for other to get things done. I hope I'm going to be a great amp for the airlines.

I use common sense and knowledge to do what's right. So I hope I have a good personality.

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Brain orientation test

I think this test results is correct because I use logic and thinking than creative imaginary. I believe that logic is the best way to do anything because of fast thinking. so when I'm doing something at a fast pace I use logic and knowledge to make good decisions. See when im doing something that I can use imagination. I hope these skills I devolve can help me. these results are at least 89.924 accurate.
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Peosonality color

This test results said that I belong in the green family because of my personality. I think I do belong to the green family because I need to be loved and have someone to love. I also love the color green because it represents good things and is the color of nature and outdoors. I love the out doors as well as woods. I hope this represents as my color background because im a nice person. so I think this test is 100% accurate.
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