The Fellowship of The Ring

Analyzing The Fellowship of The Ring

Information On Hobbits

Most Hobbits are lazy, slow, short, and also often fat. Hobbits consider adventuring to be quite strange, and most Hobbits do not indulge in such activities. Hobbits enjoy parties, especially parties in which they receive gifts, as gift giving is a large part of Hobbit tradition. Hobbits can eat astonishing amounts of food, especially for their small body size.

Author's Choices

J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of this novel has made some interesting, yet agreeable choices regarding his book series. For example, Tolkien has chosen to write a prologue in the beginning of The Fellowship Of The Ring. I think that the author wrote a prologue for this book because many of the ideas in "The Lord of The Rings" are very outlandish and confusing to new readers, and he doesn't want to lose a large part of his audience due to confusion. A substantial amount of detail is used in this book, I believe that J.R.R. Tolkien did this to make a more immersive reading experience. I believe the author chose the setting for this book because it makes for a perfect adventure story, there is the perfect amount of enemies and conflicts that keep the story interesting. Tolkien many spells words in a special way, which I believe he did to make a sort of Hobbit language. The author of this book makes many unpredictable choices in his writing, which keep the story interesting.

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My Opinions on Character Choices

I have a few opinions on the actions of the characters in this book, some positive, and some negative. In the beginning of this book, we learn that Bilbo has adopted a son named Frodo. Bilbo has plans to disappear at his birthday party, and leave the Shire forever. Bilbo goes through with his plan and nobody knows where he is. A while later, Frodo finds out that he must venture off and destroy the ring (that Bilbo left behind), which puts Frodo in danger. Overall, I disagree with Bilbo's choice to leave the Shire because it put his son in danger. Although I disagree with Bilbo's choice to leave, I agree with Frodo's choice to leave because it took everyone in Bag End out of danger. One choice of Frodo's that I disagree with is that Frodo forces Sam to adventure with him, and Sam is clueless about the true danger of the situation. To conclude, this has reflected my positive and negative opinions towards the characters in this novel.
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The Theme

This story has many themes, although I feel that there are two themes that really make sense in this book. To begin, the first, and possibly most important theme is friendship. Throughout this entire book, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin are really great pals, and they get along well, even with their important task at hand. The second very prominent theme at hand is forgiveness. Frodo's friends understand that he does not have complete control over the situation, so they forgive him for any faults. To conclude, the two most important themes in this book are friendship and forgiveness.
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