Unit 3 Final

Examples in the book, "The Hunger Games''.

Understanding of characters.

Understanding a character in a book can help the author connect to the person who is reading because it can have messages that impact the reader.

The message in the Hunger Games is that if you feel like something is wrong you should change it, and that is exactly what Katniss does and what inspires readers around the world to do.

Learning the way of Katniss and how she acts in the movie is crucial in understanding her motives and why she hates the Capitol.

Impact of setting, plot, conflict and theme.

Setting: Understanding the setting is also crucial because in movies/books like the Hunger Games you have to know that it is an alternate reality and that is fake, also that it is set in later times than our own. It affects the plot because you need to find out how historical or how make the book really is.

Conflict: Knowing the conflict can help you understand what is happening greatly and affect how you perceive the characters and sometimes differ who is good or bad. Like in the Hunger Games final book, President Snow tells Katniss that the Capitol killing her sister was a waste of resources, but the "rebels" didn't care.

Theme: Theme is the moral of the story. Without a theme, a character can not differ what happens. In most Disney/Pixar movies, the theme is stated, but in the Hunger Games, Catching fire, and Mockingjay there is no theme to be stated, but the reader/watcher has to figure it out on his/her own.