By:Alex Heppenstall Period 6

Region in Texas

The Coahuiltecans lived in the coastal plains in Southern Texas.

The Type of Food They Ate

The Coahuiltecans hunted deer and small animals to survive.

How there food was obtained

The Coahuiltecans used bow and arrows to hunt deer and small animals.


The Coahuiltecans lived in grass huts in southern texas

Weapons/tools they used

The Coahuiltecans used woven baskets, rabbit sticks(digging tool), and bow and arrow.


The Coahuiltecans believed in spirits and did spiritual dances and they believed to heal the sick.

Organization of leadership

The coahulitans used bands or groups. Each group has the same language as the other groups and they also have alliances.

What became of the coahulitans

In 1836, the coahulitans fought in the Texas Revolution on the Texans side. Large settlements of the coahulitans on the Rio Grande.

Fun Facts

The coahulitans wore grass skirts and ate cacti, rabbits, berries, snakes, and lizards.
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