The Sixth Sense

Opening Sequence


The smooth jazz playing in the living room suggests that the characters are having a special moment, supported by the wine and formal dress they are both wearing. The dialogue of the ex-patient character shows he is unstable as he repeats himself several times. Music is used during the exchange with the ex-patient to create tension. Ambient sound is used when the older man observes the young boy to immerse the audience more into the scene; children can be heard in the background.


The wine cellar suggests that the two main characters (man and woman) are reasonably wealthy. This is also supported by their formal dressing. The reflection of the couple in the frame shows that they are reflecting on themselves, especially the man. The bathroom -where the ex-patient character is standing- is lit up by the main character without looking inside which is unsettling, while the bedroom is dark. The costume of the ex-patient character supports the fact that he is unstable; he has undressed, is hunched over, and touches his face over and over.
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A tilt is use when the woman is looking for a bottle of wine in the rack, this looks like someone is watching her, supported by the wide shot in the wine cellar. Overall this creates tension and fear. A whipped pan is used when the older man loses sight of the boy and finds him again.
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Shot reverse shots are used to follow conversation between characters. A point of view shot is used when the older man discovers the broken window, informing the audience of the situation. A high angle wide shot is used after the character gets shot, presenting the entirety of the situation to the audience.
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What happened to the ex-patient?
Does the character survive?

What we learn

The main character is a of child psychologist.
He is reasonably wealthy.
He is in a committed relationship.
It is set in Philadelphia.