Reconstruction of the Civil War

Danielle Leis

Plans for the Reconstruction

Abraham Lincoln

Aberham Lincoln wanted to bring the union back together. His idea was to have the 10% plan. Which was alson known as proclamation. It replaced the majority rule changing it to the loyal rule. he didnt tell congress about this plan. The plan was recognized after the 1860 election.

Andrew Johnson

Johnson also wanted to join the uion back together, but believed they should take an oath. He too wanted to end slavery even though he did not like African Americans. He said that sucession never happened. He wanted debts payed.


Congress Breakes with President Johnson. They passed both the Civil Right Act and the Freedmens Bureau Bill going against what Johnson wanted.

Three Amendments

  • 13th Amendment- Got rid of slavery after the war. It was ratified in December, 1865.
  • 14th Amendment- Constitutional guarantee of the rights and security of freed people. It was ratified in July 1868.
  • 15th Amendment- Allowed all men to vote. It was ratified in 1870.

Black Codes and Effects

This limited African Americans rights. This was basicly a simpiliar form of slavery. It stated that African Americans could only do certain things. It ment that it was a stable supply labor. This forced many African Americans to become sharecroppers.


Voting Rights

First no African American could vote. After the war congress decided that only men could vote, but African Americans could only vote if their fathers had voted. It also was hard, because they didnt really know how to read or write. Then, after that they decided it was good for African Americans to vote, because it ment that the state had more representatives. After African Americans were later allowed into the politics area.

Ku Klux Klan

This was a group of Whites that still hated African Amearicans and believed that they shouldnt be treated eaqul. No one knew who they were, because they were hidden under white garments. They destroyed African American property, houses, churches, and even killed them. This was put to a stop by the Enforcment Act of 1875.

Fighting Back

African Americans didnt like that they weren't treated equal so they decided to fight for their rights. They would boycott and do many things on that line. some may have even faught with their own bodies.

Reconstruction Falls


This was to stop discrimination against the African Americans. This act was The Civil Rights Act of 1875, stopping violiance, and anything agaist African Americans that caused them harm. It also prevented hotels, buisnessmen, and transportation to discriminate againts them.