Freshwater wetlands Biome

Unique things about Freshwater wetlands


Wetlands, are areas that don't connect to oceans and are usually near lakes, ponds, and streams. Wetlands usually are created by rainwater, and come and go by more rain , or evaporation.


Wetlands usually get a lot of rain, and that is how they are created. From an overflow of rainwater.


Most amphibians have had to grow to be able to swim on water and walk/run on land as well.


Since most plants need soil and the water on top of the soil so most plants have extended their roots, from the soil to the top of the water or the other way around.

Uniquely adapted organisms

The amphibians have had to be able to go on land and water , because most of the biome is water. And the plants have needed to grow through the water and soil, to get the most nutrients


The insects In this biome are helping to pollinate the plants, and provide as a majority of the food source for birds, and amphibians.