Hill Elementary School ~ Nov. 16 , 2015

Need 2 Know...Info/Reminders

Teacher Evaluation - On November 5, Governor Snyder signed Senate Bill 103 into law as Public Act 173 of 2015. This legislation takes effect immediately. I will include a summary of the bill as an attachment.

Child Study/MTSS - Our next child study meeting is quickly approaching. Please be sure to follow the MTSS guidelines and let me know if you have any student(s) that need to be added to our December 1st agenda!

Watch D.O.G.S Volunteer Sign-up- Please find the voluntary sign-up in the lounge for our Watch D.O.G launch. Thank you Suzie, Jodi, Lisa, Michelle, Linda, and Adrienne for volunteering to help out! If you're able to assist, the more the merrier! :)

Cool to Care- We've kicked off the annual Cool to Care food drive. Last week first grade took the lead and have earned an extra recess on Friday. In addition, all students will be participating in "mismatch" day this coming Friday. A note will go home with students early this week.

School Security Reminders- The tragic events of this weekend serve as a grim reminder that we live in a world faced with inherent evils and challenges. The new thinking we must all embrace is one of hoping for the best, but preparing for the unexpected. Whether threats come from foreign or domestic sources we have procedures in place to enhance safety of all who come through our doors. This includes:

-Wearing ID badges in plain sight.

-Entering the building through the main entrance when students are present.

-Keeping classroom doors locked and having access to your room keys at all times.

-Keeping a class list with you during drills and enforcing drill protocols with students.

-Refraining from opening a locked door for a colleague returning from lunch, propping open a door while you run to your car for that forgotten item or while your class goes out for gym or an extra recess.

-Noticing and reporting suspicious activity; being a set of observant eyes.

While these protocols may seem simple and sometimes a "nuisance" we need to be aware that the small things sometimes make the biggest difference. Thanks for doing your part to keep our school a safe environment for students and each other!

First Marking Period Data

Below is the first marking period data for DIBELS, DRA, STAR Math, and behavior. I am proud of all of your hard work and dedication! Keep up the great work!


Building - 77% At or Above

Kindergarten-64% At or Above

First Grade- 89% At or Above

Second Grade- 74% At or Above

Third Grade- 78% At or Above

Fourth Grade- 82% At or Above


Building - 89% At or Above

Kindergarten-94% At or Above

First Grade- 92% At or Above

Second Grade- 88% At or Above

Third Grade- 81% At or Above

Fourth Grade- 88% At or Above

STAR Math (Screening Report - % of students At/Above 61% Percentile Rank)

2nd Grade- 61%

3rd Grade- 83%

4th Grade- 77%


Positive office referrals for Aug., Sept. Oct. - 36

Behavior referrals Aug., Sept., Oct. - 1

As we begin the next 9 weeks keep in mind the ingredients that help to ensure educational success for our students. To move our students forward we need to keep our focus on student learning!

A few things to consider:

  • Learning Targets - Do I post my learning targets? Do I refer to them throughout my instruction? Do I ever share those targets in my parent communication?
  • Student Engagement- Are students actively involved in learning and a performance task? Do I vary my instruction so that students are moving about the room or are they primarily kept in their seats?
  • Time on task- Do I carefully structure the day to maximize instructional time?
  • Performance tasks- Do I give students performance tasks that will effectively provide evidence of student learning?
  • Student Data - Do I regularly look at data and give timely & effective feedback to my students?

Great work team! As you meet in PLCs, I encourage you to continue the conversation about what you can do to meet the diverse needs of all of our students. Keeping in mind that we are also challenging students who need it. Oh, the places, you'll go....I'm excited to see the results as we continue to put kids first!

A little bit of PD.....

Effective Feedback

Prior to intersession we participated in a PD facilitated by our coordinators. Emphasis was placed on effective feedback. One of the articles that we looked at identified the "Seven Keys to Effective Feedback".

1. Goal-Referenced

2. Tangible and Transparent

3. Actionable

4. User-Friendly

5. Timely

6. On-going

7. Consistent

How can we as a staff most effectively use feedback as part of a system of formative assessment with the key to gear feedback toward long-term goals, student learning, professional growth? Keeping in mind one of the most critical aspects of feedback - that it's the feedback receiver who is the key to determining the success of the feedback: whether it will be heard, understood, digested, and actually acted upon to make improvements.

Recently the administrative team completed a book study on the book: Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation, How to Work Smart, Build Collaboration, and Close the Achievement Gap. The book illustrated, along with the numerous other researchers like Hattie, that teacher observation and feedback is key in effectively making and sustaining positive change in the classroom. For the 2015-16 school year I will be conducting at least 1 formal observation each semester using the observation form that I have previously used and I will share that in a timely manner. In addition, I will conduct at least 1 mini-observation (walk-through) with documented feedback each semester. It's a work in progress, but I have created a folder for each of you in Google Docs that I will be sharing with you. Please feel free to add evidence toward your goals with me in that folder once I have shared it!

I've also included in our Smore an excerpt from the book Thanks for the Feedback, called: "The Three Triggers That Block Feedback". It is about why it is such a challenge to receive feedback and provides suggestions to make feedback something the receiver can actually learn. As you're reading, think about the feedback that you give to your students and also how you receive feedback.

I'm looking forward to learning and growing with all of you as we strive to be the best we can be!

A few of the GREAT things that I noticed last week...

Congratulations for a successful Parent Teachers Conference! It was wonderful to see our families in attendance and meeting with staff. I am always so proud of the work that all of you do, each and every day. Throughout conferences I had the opportunity to speak with many families and they echoed those sentiments as well. I'm looking forward to seeing, "Oh, the places you'll go" with student learning this next 9 weeks! Keep up the great work!

If you have not done so already, please complete your attendance totals and turn in to Ranee by Tuesday, November 17th.

Wait until you see what our Hill Blueberries have been working on. Your hearts will melt! Our sweet 16 have done a fantastic job completing their 3 random acts of kindness. In addition, they are working on a group project!

Kudos to Custo Joe & Brooke for all of their work with the building. Floors and rooms looked wonderful. Great work! :)

Celebrations and Announcements

Happy Birthday goes out to Roxann Oliver on November 15!

Best wishes to Adrienne. Her last day will be Friday, November 20th. Adrienne has accepted a new position working at GSRP. Congratulations and we will miss you!

Blueberry Ambassadors hard at work!

CARDINAL Code: Please reteach Cardinal Code expectations for Bus safety.

Monday, 11-16-15

3:30-4:30 Blueberry Ambassadors meet in the library

3:45-5:45 SIP Math team meeting

Tuesday, 11-17-15

After School Clubs begin

4:15-6:15 ELA Leadership Meeting at Central

5:30 - PTO Meeting

Wednesday, 11-18-15

Hearing and vision screening

After School Clubs

Parent University

Thursday, 11-19-15

6:15am - Davison Optimist Club Mtg. (Jen)

7:40 - Staff Meeting

Hearing and vision screening

After School Clubs

Social Studies Team Mtg.

Friday, 11-20-15

Mystery Motivator - Mismatch Day (All School)

7:30 Genesee County Principal's Meeting

Popcorn Friday

Hearing and vision screening

9:30-9:50 - 1st Grade Extra Recess (Supervised by Dave P. & Lisa :))

Upcoming Dates....

Monday, November 23 - DIP, Blueberries meet

Tuesday, December 1 - Child Study, 1st/2nd Grade Music Concert

Friday, December 4 - Santa Visit during lunches

Monday, December 7 - ACC

Tuesday, December 8 - 6:30-7:30 Watch D.O.G.S launch

Thursday, December 10 - Staff Christmas Party

Friday, December 11 - PTO Santa's Workshop

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