Clara Barton and her angels


About the saviors

Clara Barton and the other nurses at the war sought to help soldiers in anyway they could.Clara collected and distributed supplies for the union army. She served as an independent nurse at first. Clara first saw the combat in Fredricksburg, VA. Clara and the other nurses cared for soldiers wounded at many battles. Clara was nicknamed "The angel of the battlefield" this was because she brought new ways of being sanitary and stopped many deadly infection soldiers were getting from unwashed hands and tools. Clara went on to be the president of The American Red Cross.

Other Achievements after the war

Clara Barton Went on to be the founder of american red cross. She also helped to find missing soldiers. She helped some soldiers find their families and reunite. Their were also many books written about her and the other women who served as nurses in the civil war.
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BY: Haylee Sullivan