Don't Be Sour, Use Solar Power!

By: JR and MM

Better than Fossils Fuels

How Does it Work?

Solar panels are made of a PV cells (photovoltaic). These convert sunlight into DC (direct current). These only work with sunlight, so only in the day time. Then a device connected to the panel converts DC electricity to AC (alternating current).

They are currently being used in South Dakota and work great!


  • It's renewable, unlike fossil fuels
  • It's here everyday and abundant
  • It is sustainable
  • It is better for the environment than fossil fuels
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces electricity cost
  • Silent
  • Technology is improving


  • Expensive- but getting cheaper
  • Requires space
  • Only works when its sunny out

Price: $7-$9 per watt

How long do they last?

20-25 years

Materials Needed

  • Solar panel - these are the foundation of your solar setup, they create the energy when exposed to light
  • Charge controller - this regulates the power coming from the solar panels with the right voltage to send to a battery
  • Battery- stores the power created
  • Inverter- converts direct power to AC power for the set-up of the house
  • Grid-tied systems- tie your solar power to a nearby power grid
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