BEST Technology Projects of 2015

Tre'Sha Copeland

BIOGRAPHY ON Taraji p henson

On this project I wrote about taraji henson, when she was born, kids, big achievements, and other more things. From this project I learned a lot about her really I didn't know she had a son that's 21 years old, and that she's from Washington and went to Howard University.


On this project I created 4 characters. Brother and Sister ran away from home with there dog. They ran to a grave yard and was getting spooked out, and they had lost their dog in there. Then a monster came up and they had to trade their car for the dog and their freedom to leave. From this project I learn that you can make your own characters and setting and your own story on it. I enjoyed this project


On this project we had to create Collages. I liked this project because I love to make collages, but I used a new app for it. It was called Loupe Collage. I liked this app cause I could make my collage in words. The words I used was I Heart You. I learned that I couls even print this into a shirt.

Tagul Word Cloud

I always wanted to create one of these one day. So yes I was happy to make one finally. With this project we had to pick words much the amount it tell you. So you have to repeat those words a lot. And you could of a formed it in a way you wanted to. The form I made was a cute heart.

Thematic Stories

With this project we had to make 2 stories. One story was for the school, and other was about monkeys. About this project I had said facts about monkeys. For the school one I took pictures of the quotes around the school. This project was kinda like a slideshow. easy A, i like it though.