Persuasive Smore

Should schools offer fast food options like McDonalds?

So...Give Us Your Explanation


Districts expect us to have the food they provide us while the staff actually get to dine at restaurants & they don't think about doing the same for us, now do they? Every day we bring our own money, teachers order us & charge us. It's a win win for both of us at lunch from school.


Don't you see your homeroom teacher from algebra is sitting at her desk taking a bite off of a Burger King sandwich while you're stuck with broccoli & carrot sitting at your lunch tray. We have feelings too, we are actual living beings who should deserve the same respect as anyone in the world gets. Teacher were once students too.


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Idea or Plan?

I honestly understand that we are not able to go outside the building just to get a bite to eat, that's plain. But principals set up a special lunch line in the cafeteria, a cafe or buffet to be called. We, the students bring our green to have something other than meatloaf or corn on the cob, it's simple as that.

Treatment (8th Amendment)

Now it's the time for an educated being to pick up that phone, get some spaghetti from Olive Garden, fries from Griff's, even the ice cream at Braum's & give us what we deserve, lunch.