Semester Highlights

By Kailey O'Brian


This semester I moved into a new house. I started out last year moving into my grandparents house planning to build another house within that year. Then it turned out, it was going to take a lot longer than we thought. After that, we ended up having to find a new rent house in industry which we will probably stay in for about a year. Hopefully, soon we will be able to start building so our own so we don't have to transition so much. This experience has taught me a lot though from how to adapt to a new place and also how to be grateful for what I have.


This year I joined the high school volleyball and cheer team. Even though I could only be on the junior varsity team because I was a transfer it was still one of the best decisions i've made this semester. Before this year I had never done a sport but this year I had really good friends that pushed me to try new things. Trying new things is something i'm usually pretty uncomfortable with but it caused me to create so many new friendships and memories that I will never forget.


This semester I got my drivers learners permit. First, I had to wait about 2 months to get the paperwork then I could actually start. I had to spends about 6 months doing the online courses and taking multiple practice tests and quizzes. Finally I got to go take my test that determined if I could get the permit, and to be honest it was super stressful. I ended up passing by two questions. The only thing left is my lisence!
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