Reading & Writing Instruction

A Focus on Modeling

Charlee Pierson

Section B


Key Vocabulary


Effective Instruction




Main Idea

The purpose of this text is to demonstrate how effective modeling can be beneficial to both reading and writing. Modeling is a cognitive strategy used in the classroom that requires flexibility, reasoning, and critical thinking. It is important when modeling a strategy that you first tell students why you are using the strategy, second, how to use the strategy, its procedure, and lastly, how to select the appropriate strategy for the situation. This article discusses how thinking aloud is a great way to model. Thinking aloud allows students to think alongside the teacher. When first modeling, have students think aloud and even write down their thoughts in an organized manner, then once they are comfortable with a specific strategy, they can gradually begin to use the strategy inside their head.


I think this article is useful for teachers. It gives explicit instruction on how to model strategies effectively. I liked how it gave two examples, one for reading and one for writing. This article really focused on helping the student in your classroom with a learning disability. It showed how instruction can be differentiated during modeling. I find a personal connection to this because my area of concentration is special education.

This article will change the way I teach by reminding me of steps to use when modeling strategies. I loved that the first step was to tell students why this strategy is being used. I think many times students feel they have to use a strategy because the teacher told them to do so, but it is important for them to know why. It is important for every lesson to express why this is important to know and how it will benefit the student.


What kind of modeling have you seen in the classroom?

Do you think modeling should be done every time you teach a new strategy?

How can modeling be used in the classroom other than with subject areas?


Regan, K., & Berkeley, S. (2011). Effective Reading and Writing Instruction: A Focus on Modeling. Intervention in School and Clinic, 276-282.