Presentation by Victoria Altenberg


most of the people in Argentina classify themselves as Catholic so this means they celebrate advent. Everyone decorates their houses in red,white, and green flowers and wreath. Christmas trees are also a big tradition;however, they aren't usually set up until the 8th of December. This is because of the immaculate conception this is when Mary was conceived(this is important because Mary was born without sin). The prebre is also a big part it is always put next to the tree. Most of the celebrations happen on Christmas Eve. This consists of an afternoon mass and giving of presents to just close friends and family and a huge dinner. And at midnight is of course the fireworks.

Three kings day

In Argentina children get their presents on January 6th known as three kings day or dia de lots rejes. On the eve of this holiday the children would place their shoes outside the front door for them to be filled with presents. You are also supposed to leave hay and water for the horses of the Maji. Lots of people also leave their shoes under the tree.