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beware of loose casgao

loose casgao

Sir Mula has discovered an amazing animal but dangerous called the Casgao and it is loose in Sts Peter & Paul’s School. The Casgao is a mix of a cassowary, dingo and kangaroo. The casgao has long dangerous claws and powerful legs with a long sharp horn on its head. They have a good sense of smell and has long distance and quick hearing and extremely fast legs with a swishing tail on its hind legs so the National zoo asks you to stay away until they find this animal.


The Casgao is a fan of meat. The Casgao only lives in Australia and New Guinea but mostly in the middle of Australia because of the warm climate and not in Tasmania. It has a big appetite and likes forestry places and sandy hills with room to spread around and jump and they also spend time close to water.