April GT Newsletter 2016

Mrs. Whatley

Look at all the great things going on in GT!

We are finishing up all of our projects. Here's what we have been working on.

Kindergarten- Yolanda the Yarnspinner was introduced as a new character and reinforced the concepts of divergent thinking. We discussed that divergent thinking allows us to use our imagination and helps us see many possibilities. Yolanda the Yarnspinner allows students to learn about the art of storytelling. She weaves word pictures with her creative use of language. Each student created their own stories on the I-PAd or the laptop using Storybird. This activity allowed students to use their imagination and make their story come to life using colorful language.

1st Grade- Each student has been busy creating and developing their invention. Students are making a prototype of their invention and learning the importance of having a patent. Ask your child to tell you all about their invention.

2nd Grade- Students are finishing up their Party Planning project. Each student planned a party including invitations, created their own craft or game and worked on their budget.

3rd Grade- Hope your child has been coming home and sharing some interesting facts about the Egyptian pyramids with you. Students are finishing up their project by creating a prezi, a google slide, a voki, or a video. Each group also made their own pyramids using tooth picks and marshmallows. Take a look at the pictures below.

4th Grade- The Road trip across the United States has allowed students to explore new states and landmarks along the way. Each group was in charge of creating their mileage during the two week adventure, calculate the cost of gas, and stay within their budget as they plan their lodging and food. Students will present their project by using google slides, a prezi, or even video of their experience.

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GT Information

It has been a pleasure to have your student this year in GT. Our last day of GT will be May 12th. I hope you have a great relaxing summer. Thanks for all your support and the generous amount of supplies that everyone has donated all year.

*Progress Reports will go out the last week of school.

Our last day of GT will be Thursday, May 12th.

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

-Walt Disney


Mrs. Whatley