zion's top 3 video games.

zion washington

here is my top 3 video games and Do you like video games?Because if you do here is zion's top 3.

Number one is Assassins's creed 4 black flag. The game is about being a pirate. Then you slowly make your way into being a hardcore assassin. The graphics in the game are nice ad the lighting makes it look like the real thing. The sound in the game makes it seem like you are right in the game and the sound that the waves make and the animals so real and not like they made it themselves. Since your a pirate you get to drive a ship and you can go harpooning and kill all types of sharks like bull sharks and hammerhead shark and whales and either sale what you get from them or use it for upgrades. When you are in a battle on a ship once you have beat that ship and you get near it you have the choice to board it when you board it you willl ahve to fight a certain amount of people and once youdo they will give up and you can take the things you got from their ship and upgrade your own. You will also get to wield to swords and have more then one gun so you can shoot multplty times. The two swords give you double the killing action. This is why this game is my number one.

Number 2 own my list is GTA 5. Most people would think that i would put this game as my number one but i have always been an assassins creed fan and these are just my opininon . Gta 5 is a great game though. One of the things that i like about this game is that it has finally added dogs that you that can help you out during the game.