AT Update

September 25, 2015

AT Math 3

This week, students learned to:

-relate the area model of multiplication to number models of multiplication.

-use the algebraic notation method and the distributive property of multiplication to solve multiplication problems.

-compare methods of multiplication and number models.

- use the shortcut method to multiply.

- multiply one digit by three digit numbers using any method.

AT Math 4

This week, students learned to:

-use the commutative, distributive, and associative properties to compute mentally.

-estimate decimal sums and differences.

-read and make graphs using decimal scales and numbers.

-solve real world problems and learn about AU or Astronomical Units.

-review and study for chapter 2 test.

Our Chapter 2 test will be on Monday. Students should study their packet of Chapter 2 pages and the review test to prepare.

AT Reading 3 and 4

This week, students in grade 3 read the stories "Stormalong" and "Hoderi the Fisherman". They worked on point of view and understanding characters. In particular, we focused on how the feelings of a character can change over the course of the book. Students found text evidence to support their beliefs of how the character felt at one point or another. We also analyzed the theme of the 2 stories. The grammar focus for this week was on proper nouns and we reviewed quotations with either dialogue or book/story titles.

Students in grade 4 read Elisa's Diary and read a poem called "Words Free as Confetti". Students connected the text to their own lives as they analyzed Elisa's character and assessed her "believability". They discussed how overcoming challenges in life can make you a stronger person, just like Elisa. We discussed the theme of the story and focused on sequence of events this week as well. The grammar focus for this week was on plural nouns with a focus on irregular plurals.

Both grades began to work on a "Personal Research Project" or PRP this week. We began by brainstorming a list of possible topics and worked on narrowing our focus based on the depth of the topic and the kinds of questions we want to answer. Next week, we will use the majority of our time to research our topic, write a research report and make a multimedia presentation. The student will become an "expert" on their topic and will teach it to the class at the end of the week or beginning of the following week.

Vocab words:

3: seafaring, memorable, tidal, betrayed, foaming, condition, outcast, shortage, yearning, horrified.

4: officially, preliminary, typically, gorgeous, supposedly, brutal, sweeping, embarrassed, obvious.

Academic vocab (both): allusion, analogy, footnote, rising action, memoir