Santa Anna

Biography of Santa Anna

Santa Anna

Before we get started, who is Santa Anna? He fought against Texas because he wanted Texas to be part of Mexico. Unfotuntlly he lost and Texas became part of the United States. Long ago in Mexico Santa Anna was born on February 21, 1794

At the age of 16 he fought for the Royalist Army. He did well in the army and was promoted to captain. Then he was elected as a Mexican President in 1833. His vice president was called Valentin Gomez Fanas. Santa Anna allowed Valentin to make reforms that included many changes to the Catholi hurch and the army. These reforms resulted in the war called The Texas Revolution. so Santa Anna himself marched on the many people that were rebelling against him. Then Santa Anna sent many soldiers to burn the crop and to kill the people who were lived in Texas.

Santa Anna was kidnapped by the army from Texas. They used Santa Anna to win the Texas Revolution. This cause Mexico to lose millions of acres of land to the United States. Mexico lost alot of territory.

Santa Anna died at 82. This was in 1853.